How To Solve You’re using WordPress In a Language We Don’t Support Yet.

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How to fix language issue in WordPress With Yoast SEO!

You are using WordPress from long time all things are running smooth with Yoast SEO, Suddenly getting language issue in WordPress with Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO does not support yet. I love Yoast SEO plugin but suddenly get issue. Now I will resolve this issue and how to fixed it go through my article.

How I fixed this issue?

After various online searches I followed the recommendations which are available online and tried to changed the default English (United States) into English (UK) to see if switching between languages could solve the issue.

After Changing language from English (United States) to English (UK) issue still persisted, I was shocked still issues are same.


Above Mentioned Error Shows the revised notification says that while Yoast SEO has been translated to English (UK), Then it follows the message from previous notification: To register at Translating WordPress.

Once Again I tried To Change Language English (United States) To English (UK) and again revert back to English (United States), Now thankful this solution perfectly worked. 


Yoast is a Excellent SEO plugin, but they should fix these bugs that create troubles for Yoast SEO Users.


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